• Prophetess Shaerica Laine


Healing always comes! Healing is a promise from God to His children. The word of God is solid and supernatural. We can bank on it and trust it, but even God’s word requires preparation to be received, and sometimes conditions to be met before we see the manifestation. Isaiah 1:19 says, “IF you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land.” Do you remember earlier in the book when I asked this, “How often does God write us a prescription, and we don’t pick it up because it cost too much?’’ Whew! Do you also remember when I told you about those painkillers? What if I told you that the PAIN you have isn’t the real problem, but it’s how you are dealing with the pain that’s the root issue. Pain is necessary in our lives, because PAIN DIRECTS OUR ATTENTION TO THE INJURY SO WE CAN TAKE CARE OF IT AND PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE! I’m big on this saying, “It hurt but it helped!” What happens though if we are blocking our own healing? IF we really want the healing God has promised us, we must prepare to receive. Healing can’t flow through the same vein the infection came in. I work in the medical field as a phlebotomist, and when we go to draw blood cultures on a patient, the doctor always request we draw from two separate sites. Why is this required you asked? This method decreases the possibility of misinterpreting culture results if they become contaminated. God, I thank You! Healing can’t flow where you become contaminated, adjustments must be made! To keep these patients from the risk of a greater health scare they sometimes must be isolated to prevent the spreading of infection or encountering more harmful effects, and only the physician and a special care team is allowed in their room. When God isolates us it’s not punishment but it’s pruning, and I have learned that healing will flow even in pruning. I was never alone although sometimes I felt like it, but I thank God for my special care team He assembled for me as He worked on me. Once the doctors find out what type of infection the patient has, they treat them with antibiotics. Antibiotics are very powerful drugs that kill infectious bacteria and diseases. The doctor will always tell you to finish all the antibiotics even if you feel better to ensure the infection is gone. God’s word is the same for us! His word is the antibiotics for our soul when it has become infected by the wounds we sustain in life, but we must take it every day. Sometimes painkillers are prescribed to alleviate pain, that comes from the inflammation of and infection. Doctors are very careful though when prescribing painkillers because they are highly addictive and can mask the root issue by temporarily disabling symptoms. I remember when I had my first knee surgery, the pain seemed too unbearable. The first few weeks my doctor had no problem writing me a prescription for painkillers, but then he told me I had to prepare for my total healing and recovery. He stopped writing me a prescription for my painkillers, told me to take over the counter medicine, and go to physical therapy. He said the pain was necessary but would get better as I put my weight on it! I almost took off running! A proper term in the medical field would be weight bearing. Weight bearing exercises help strengthen the bones and muscles, and they also force you to work against gravity. When I put my weight on my knee, I was putting a demand on my healing! Putting weight on my knee forced me to work against the thing that was trying to pull me down and keep me bound. My next question would be, “How bad do you really want it (in my Apostle’s voice)?” Let’s go back to the word! IF YOU ARE WILLING (ready, eager, prepared to do it) AND OBEDIENT (submissive or complying to another’s will) YOU SHALL EAT THE GOOD OF THE LAND! Healing is available physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! How do I know you ask, because my God healed me from an incurable disease called lupus, and my youngest daughter from seizures! He has healed my mind repeatedly; you hear the testimony of a suicidal woman! He has and continues to mend my broken heart, and I’m still experiencing His healing spiritually! © 2020 Shaerica Wright

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